Hair Transplant

About Hair Transplants

More and more people choose to get hair transplants. There are various reasons for this. Among other things, prices have been reduced quite a lot and lower prices have also been seen abroad, but also because the quality has increased. Thanks to modern techniques, it is now virtually impossible to see if one has made a hair transplant. Another reason why it has become more popular is that we have seen a series of celebrities in Hollywood and other places that have made a hair transplant.

Hair transplants are performed with two similar methods

Simply described, a hair transplant involves moving individual hair follicles from the hair in the back of the head and sides. These are pre-programmed to make hair throughout their lives. Modern hair transplants are performed in two phases - harvesting and movement.

In the harvesting phase of a hair transplant, one picks the implants. This is done in two ways. Either the hair follicles are picked one by one in a so-called FUE method or you take out an approximately 15 cm long strip of skin in the neck and then pick the implants from this. This technique is called the Strip technique. Once you have extracted your hair follicle implants, you put a small hole in the scalp where they should sit and plant them one after the other. This is the transplant part itself. Please note that we at the Istanbul Hair Clinic only use the new method FUE.

FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction

Today, people usually prefer the newer method, the FUE - which we perform. Here you only take a few hairs at a time and move them to the hairless area The advantage is that there are hardly any scars, and it also works better. You can even shave your head. Of course, it takes longer, but this is compensated by the fact that one can easily replenish more hairs at a later time. This is also the only method that women can get.

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