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  • 3 Years ago
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Stress Related Hair Loss

During periods of high stress, some people may experience increased hair loss. Often it affects women more tha...

  • 3 Years ago
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Spotted Hair Loss

Those who suffer from speckled hair loss often lose large amounts of hair on parts of the head, while maintaining contin...

  • 3 Years ago
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Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss in men. Hereditary hair loss has another name used more in me...

  • 3 Years ago
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Female Hair Loss

Treating a balding woman is usually easier than for a man suffering from the same problem. Nevertheless, ...

  • 3 Years ago
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Male Hair Loss

Most men begin to lose hair already at the age of 17-18, while others retain their hair to their 40s without suffering a...

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