Why Us?
Expert Team

Your hair transplantation is carried out under the supervision of a physician with an expert certified team.

Fully- fledged Hospital

The hospital which we carry out hair transplantations, is equipped and reliable in accordance with European standards.

Lifetime Warranty

All operations performed at Istanbul Hair Clinic are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Your hair is in safe hands!

Men and women suffer from hair loss and baldness for many reasons. These factors depend on many elements, but are mostly caused by being under too much stress, malnutrition or using chemical shampoos.

Unfortunately, currently there is no medically proven serum, shampoo or conditioner that can restore the lost hair. Therefore, you can easily get rid of this problem thanks to the hair transplantation application, which is widely accepted as the only effective solution.

Your hair is in safe hands!

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How it happens?

You start by sending some photos from different angles for evaluating before we move on.

After reciving the photos and making evaluations to see if it is convenient for a hair transplant, we will agree on a date for treatment.

You book the flight ticket and send us a copy. You should always fly to Istanbul the day before the treatment so that you can rest before the treatment.

We recommend staying for 3 nights in Istanbul so you don't have to rush.

After we agree and you book the flight ticket, we send information about what you should take into account before and after treatment.

The travel to Istanbul

We send your flight details to our transfer which picks you up at the airport.

We recommend to all our patients to carry a bag that you can check in on the journey home. You get special shampoo and lotion that you will use for the first 2 weeks in the aftercare, the bottles are 200ml and everything over 100ml is thrown at the airport so it is important to put them in a bag that you can check in.

It is very important to look at the validity period of the passport when entering Turkey, the passport must be valid for at least 150 days when entering Turkey otherwise you will have to obtain a provisional passport at the airport.

Treatment day

On the day of treatment, our transfer will pick you up from the hotel at the time you have agreed and drive you to the hospital.

At the hospital you start by registering in the system and then you take blood tests to see if you have any blood diseases so that the team does not become infected.

First, the team draws a hairline that you think would suit you as you look at the mirror and if you like you can have that hairline or else you make adjustments to your wishes. You never start treatment until you agree on how it should be.

Then you shave all the hair before you start the treatment. Many patients wonder if they can get hair transplant without shaving off all the hair? You can do the treatment without having to shave all the hair but the result is not as good. The back of the head should be all shaved, even with the razor if needed

The treatment can take about 4-9 hours depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted.

After the treatment you will be given medication that you will use the first week and we will explain to you how to use them and what you can take/ do or not take/ do for the next few weeks.

Journey home

Depending on the time your flight takes off, the day of check-in and laundry at the hospital may change.

Do you have a plane ticket departing in the morning? Then you go to the hospital the second day for checking in, and the third day you go directly from the hotel to the airport.


When you send a picture of your flight ticket, we will make your reservation for your future date and welcome you to our luxury hotel in Istanbul for three days and the third day we will drive you to the airport.

Before we drive you to the airport, we drive you to the hospital to control and wash the transplanted area.

In the hospital the transplanted  area will be checked and the nurses wash the transplanted area very carefully.

While washing, it is explained to the patient how to wash when they return home. The transplanted area will be washed in the same way they show at the hospital for about 10-14 days until all wound crusts are gone.

After you have washed the transplanted area and are told how to do the aftercare, we drive you to the airport and you go home.

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