Ahmed, 34

I am 34 year old man, for seven years I have had a dream about HAIR. I have been looking for clinics in Sweden with suitable prices, but couldn't find any, because they were too expensive, with simpler words, (I gave up).
I logged into Facebook and saw an advertisement box with the Istanbul Hair Clinic, went in to read some information then the spark and the dream lit up again. Called Firaz directly and got all the information I needed and he was very honest and straightforward.

I am the type that is very careful about such risks, but I thought it is now or never, with such a price and offer I will never find. Called Firaz and asked to book everything needed to carry out the operation. He fixed everything plus he went before me to arrange everything before my arrival.

On the 5th of September I went to Istanbul, Firaz met me kindly and drove to the hotel to rest properly before the day of surgery.

Then came the big day where I would say goodbye to my bare head. I was nervous but Firaz was always by my side to calm me down (thank you). After about nine hours the operation was complete, must say big THANK YOU to the girls who struggled for nine hours, thanks to Firaz who interpreted, provided me food and was a great support, thanks to everyone.

The next day was my last day in wonderful Istanbul, Firaz came to see how I was feeling and gave lots of advice that I still keep and he showed me around before returning home.

I smiled throughout my journey home and I got what I paid for, I have my HAIR !!!
The dream came true, all the misery and the nightmare disappeared.

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