Anders, 49

When I was looking for information about hair transplant online, I found Istanbul Hair Clinic. Then I contacted Firaz (Istanbul Hair Clinic) via sms and got a quick reply with very explanatory information. Then I asked a few questions via text message and got quick and serious answers. Firaz has always kept what he promised and stood for what he said. Then I started to email Firaz about the date, prices, advice, info about hair transplantations and Istanbul Hair Clinic.

All contacts with Firaz regarding the transplant and the trip went very well.

You need to be very motivated to do this transplant as it requires a lot of planning before and after. It also hurts afterwards and itches when it is healing, but it's definitely worth it. If you follow Firaz and Istanbul Hair Clinic's advice and medication, you will do well. I asked Firaz about how it would hurt the transplant on a scale of 1-10, Firaz replied 8 because the local anesthetic could hurt. It was true that it hurt, about 7 but only for a short while.

We, my wife and I also think it was very cheap and affordable for a transplant. We combined with a 5 day vacation in Istanbul before the transplant. Istanbul is a great destination for adults.

Firaz has always supported me with info and advice both before and after. Also my wife and I are completely satisfied with Firaz. My wife and I had a wonderful holiday including the transplant adventure. Holidays, travel and everything was included, everything clearly costed under half the price when compared with the prices in Sweden.

As I write this, the result is not clear, because the hair continues growing. The final result also depends on how good I followed recommendations and my personal conditions of healing and hair growth etc. My wife and I are very happy with Firaz and Istanbul Hair Clinic and can therefore I strongly recommend them.

Before surgery and 6 months after

The continuation of the patient story after 6 months:

After 4 months, all the hair began to grow fairly and quickly. The hair follicles on the head are growing very well. I was so surprised that it was going so well, because I was told that it would take from four months to a year for the hair to grow, as they planted the hair follicles. 

It has now been 6 months and I went to get a hair cut to the barber, who used to cut my hair and gave me a hairstyle (styled) as he "trolled" with me, saying I was bald faced and very thin-haired on the head. My wife and I are more than happy with the result already after 6 months. Some hair follicles, about 10-20 pieces fell away between 2-6 months, it is not noticeable because the hair became thicker.

I think was lucky, to get to know Firaz and having his company, because he constantly kept what he promised and even confessed that the result was also better than he expected. Another haircut time is coming again soon and I had to buy a comb and some hair wax to keep the hair proper.

After 1 year and 9 months

It has been one year and nine months since the hair follicle transplant. Everything feels good with my new hairstyle, my hair grows well and I cut my hair regularly. The result is beyond me and my wife's expectation. We have agreed that if I become thin-haired again, I will do another transplant in a few years.

Best regards, Anders

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