FUE Method

Hair Transplantation by using the FUE Method

Follicle Unit Extraction or FUE as it is popularly called is a form of hair transplantation offered by doctors worldwide. Some describe it as a hair transplant without surgical intervention, while others take the procedure seriously and consider it as an exclusive surgery.

Hair transplants today are not a serious operation or procedure that entails any major risk in any case. All operations are performed under local anesthesia. The risk of someone to get any infection is minimal and what could occurs is some form of an allergic reaction to the anesthetics, but the risk is even less than the risk of an infection, which is also easily cured with some antibiotics.

FUE, unlike a Strip treatment, picks out individual hair follicle groups, while the Strip makes a skin cut in the neck where the hair follicle groups are picked out. A big difference between the methods is that at a FUE, the whole head must be shaved briefly in order for the donor hair follicles to be accessed. In Strip however, only the surface where the cut will be done is shaved.

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