Norwood Scale

Hair loss varies from person to person. Dr. O’Tar Norwood created a scale, the Norwood scale, to measure degrees of hair loss in men. By using this grading and looking at the different categories you get indications of how much hair needs to be transplanted, for example, if it is

Grade 1: The client has not suffered any major amount of hair loss. Hair transplantation is not recommended in this case.
Grade 2: Men's hair loss often begins in the temple. This can last for several years. When hair loss reaches a critical stage, hair transplantation is usually recommended.
Grade 3: At this stage, hair loss has been going on for a few years. Hair transplantation is most often recommended.
Grade 4: Hair loss at the temples and on the head (and so-called coves) are typical of this degree. Here most decisions are made to carry out a hair transplant.
Grades 5 & 6: The hair loss has now reached a critical stage at both temples and at the head. Hair transplantation is a very common decision here.
Grade 7: To this extent, many men are relevant to hair transplantation. However, the limitations in the donor area mean that only the hairline can be remedied and the head remains somewhat bare.

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