Spotted Hair Loss

Those who suffer from speckled hair loss often lose large amounts of hair on parts of the head, while maintaining continuous hair growth in other areas of the head. A common underlying cause of the condition is an autoimmune hair and skin disease, Alopecia areata. The disease state means that hair follicles are placed in resting stages, which in turn causes the hair follicle to weaken and fall. Often, hair loss occurs over a very short period of time, and then ceases.

Although alopecia areata itself is not dangerous to health, spotted hair loss is often perceived as very stressful for the affected, not least psychologically. How long the disease condition lasts and how extensive the hair loss will be, varies from case to case. In some cases, the hair loss becomes permanent, in other cases, hair follicles resume their production and new hairs grow out.

No actual treatment of the underlying disease that causes spotted hair loss exists today, instead, some treatments have been invented focusing on treating the symptoms. But the medical science is constantly improving and hopefully it will be better in the future so that one will be able to treat the disease himself as well. At present there are various medications and agents that can to some extent improve and stimulate hair growth.

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