Stress Related Hair Loss

During periods of high stress, some people may experience increased hair loss. Often it affects women more than men. In the vast majority of cases, the hair growth returns after the stress, or that which caused the stress, disappears. The effects of stress, in this case the hair loss, may come a couple of months or three months afterwards. Therefore, it is not self-evident if this is the underlying reason. Stress-related hair loss sometimes causes you to lose a lot of hair in a short time.

What happens during strong stress/ trauma is that the hair leaves the plant phase to enters to a state of rest. As they persist in this state for 6-10 weeks, they leave the rest phase and end up in a phase where the hair drops and falls out. This process is called telogenic effluvium or telogenic hair loss.

It is normal to lose about 100 hairs a day, yet in stress-related hair loss, you may lose as much as 300-400 hairs per day. At this type of hair loss,it is common that the hair grows out again after a while, but it can take long, often several months. Usually, the hair follicles continue production and return to normal, but sometimes it is necessary to try to solve the cause of the stress.

Examples of causes of stress:

• Strong emotional stress

• Chemotherapy

• Childbirth

• Divorce

• Death

• Diet

• Pill

• Operation

• Serious disease

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