Hair Transplatation DHI Technique

Hair Transplatation DHI Technique

What does the DHI technique consist of?

The DHI technique is a FUE Hair transplantation method because extraction is basically done by removing the follicles in the same way. The difference is that when transplanting with DHI, the placement of  the graft is done directly with an implant without the need to drill a hole for its location. A type of cannula or hollow needle is used where the follicle has previously accumulated and is then fixed directly to the desired location to obtain the angle of the hair. The DHI method naturally has advantages and disadvantages over the FUE method.

Advantages of DHI technique

- Reduction of the duration of follicles outside the body makes it more durable.

- Less bleeding during transplantation in the planting area.

- Possibility to obtain more follicle density in different areas.

- Since the techniques are a bit more complicated than the FUE method, more knowledgeable doctors and more specialized equipment are needed.

- Possibility of performing without having to shave the head.

Disadvantages of DHI technique

-This process takes longer; Approximately 2500 grafts per day are performed in one or two sessions.

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